Girl Finds An Animal On The Road Who Looks Like A Little 'Bat'

Those EARS 😲

11 years ago, Alesha Brandt didn’t think Meeps would make it through the night. But, thankfully, her daughter was at the right place at just the right time.

“My daughter saw her get thrown from a car,” Brandt told The Dodo. “She was severely malnourished (weighing in at 2 pounds) and her eye was damaged beyond repair.” 

“My daughter bathed her, and she just sat silently in the tub letting my daughter clean her ... while waiting on me to get home to take her to the vet,” she added.

Dog looks like a bat in the bath

Despite all Meeps has been through, the little dog is now the boss of Brandt’s home and wears her unique look with pride. Meeps, a Brussels griffon, is missing an eye, a leg and an eardrum — producing her signature head tilt.

Dog looks like a fruit bat

Her bald, oversized ears give her a distinctly bat-like appearance.

“She has never grown hair on her ears, so they feel like soft leather and look like bat wings,” Brandt said. “She is often called a fruit bat because she loves bananas and oranges.”

Brussels griffon with bat ears

Despite her tiny size, Meeps runs the house. She tolerates her Brussels griffon brother, Krum, only if she’s cold and needs a snuggle buddy. However, her best friend is a large Malinois named Lech. “Even he is afraid of her — which is hilarious,” Brandt said.

Meeps never backs down from a fight, no matter how tough it seems. “Once, she barked at a fire hydrant for 20 minutes, thinking it was an intruder,” Brandt said. “I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.”


But Meeps has a soft side, too. Especially when it comes to her mom. “She is a ‘one-woman dog,’” Brandt said. “She is 100 percent my shadow and prefers to be in my arms or on my lap. She travels with me almost everywhere.”

Meeps is now about 14 years old, but the tough little bat dog shows no signs of slowing down. “She leads a pretty normal life,” Brandt said. “Eats well, loves naps and warm sunshine.”

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