Giant Herd Of Giraffes Crossing Road Brings Traffic To A Halt

"Such an amazing sight.”

The other day, safari operator Exaud Marandu was driving down a road on the outskirts of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park when something along the path ahead caught his eye.

Truth is, they were pretty hard to miss.

Exaud Marandu

There, in one giant herd on the roadside, were over 100 giraffes. Marandu slowed his car to a stop and they all began to cross — effectively bringing vehicle traffic to a halt.

Marandu didn’t mind the delay, though. His reaction was quite the opposite.

“I opened the roof top of my car in order to have the good view,” Marandu told The Dodo, noting that it was a rare event to witness, even for a seasoned nature guide like him. “This was my second time to see such amazing sight.”

Here’s that moment on video:

As director of tour company Utopia Safaris, Marandu is no stranger to the wonders of local wildlife. But scenes like this one never get old.

“I always say to my self and clients, nature is always beautiful,” Marandu said. “The feeling I have… I cannot explain it.”