New Italian Spot Wants You To Know What It's Like To Eat Like Your Cat

Who knew cats had such sophisticated taste?

Have you ever spooned food into your cat’s dish and asked how it feels to eat like them?

Well, thanks to a new Italian pop-up restaurant, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Gatto Bianco, a pop-up from Fancy Feast, will serve dishes inspired by the taste, texture and flavor of, well, cat food — aka its line of globally-inspired food for felines. That means you'll be dining on Italian meals with a Tuscan-style flair as part of a fun culinary experience — assuming you trust your tabby’s taste.

The pop-up trattoria, located in New York City, limits seating to 16 lucky cat lovers and will only be open on August 11 and 12. Reservations open at noon EST on August 4, and are first come, first serve. Suffice it to say, the claws might come out for a spot.


Gatto Bianco (Italian for “white cat”) boasts a menu curated by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and New York restauranteur Cesare Casella. Though both chefs are 100 percent human, they try to see the world through a cat’s eyes — studying Fancy Feast Medley's recipes and molding a menu flavorful enough to make you meow with delight.


The pop-up promises to mirror the sensory experience cats feel at dinnertime, but whether this includes head scratches and extra treats remains to be seen.

For those who can’t nab one of the very few reservations, recipes for the trattoria’s dishes will be available on the Fancy Feast website.

Gatto Bianco follows in the footsteps of the Fancy Feast cookbook, published in 2021, which similarly aims to provide readers with dishes fit for the most obsessive cat parents.

Though it’s impossible to know everything about your cat, some might finally be able to understand their felines a little bit better with the help of Gatto Bianco.

And who knows — maybe calling a dish “cat food” might actually be a compliment someday soon.