Gardening Bulldog Loves Planting Himself In Perfectly Sized Holes

He does it for the sweetest reason ❤️

When Caitlin and her partner, Grant, started digging a drainage ditch behind their house in the spring of 2021, they knew the hole would be the perfect size for water runoff.

What they didn’t realize was that the hole was also the right size for their quirky bulldog, Franklin.

Caitlin W.

“While Grant was digging the 20-foot-long trench, Franklin just hopped down into it and laid down,” Caitlin told The Dodo. “He just kept burrowing down, and if someone picked him up … he would immediately jump back in.”

Franklin, who was adopted in 2020, has been Caitlin’s constant companion while working from home. The spirited dog loves his family and always wants to be part of any and all activities — especially if those activities happen to involve digging holes.

The Alabama-based bulldog loves to swing on the porch swing and join Caitlin for pottery class, where he’s quick to make friends. That is, when he’s not busy burrowing to distant lands through his bulldog-sized tunnel system.

Caitlin W.

“He's just the cutest, funniest little ball of fur,” Caitlin said. “His personality is huge.”

Since digging the original trench, Caitlin and Grant have dug plenty of new holes, for gardens and plants, but mostly for Franklin.

Perhaps Franklin likes the cozy feeling of being snuggled in a cool burrow. Perhaps he likes the secret vantage point he gets, almost blending in with the ground. Perhaps he likes to pretend he’s a beautiful, freshly planted gardenia. Caitlin thinks Franklin’s main goal is just to be involved — to have a special place of his own.

Caitlin W.

For Franklin, anywhere he can be with his family is his favorite place. And if that spot happens to involve a hole? Even better.

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