Guide Dog-In-Training Accidentally Falls Asleep During Important Photo Shoot

"We quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over." 😂

Benny was born at the Guide Dog Foundation and will eventually step into a very important role. He’ll either become a guide dog for someone who is blind or visually impaired, or a service dog for a veteran or first responder in need. Both are very big responsibilities, but Benny is up for the challenge.

When he was 6 weeks old, Benny’s friends at the Guide Dog Foundation took him to do his initiation photo shoot, something they do for all of the puppies born at their facility. They were very excited to take adorable pictures of little Benny, and he was of course excited too. Unfortunately, though, the photo shoot was happening right around when Benny was very much in need of a nap.

sleepy guide dog puppy
Guide Dog Foundation

As the photo shoot began, Benny tried to hold on — but it was no use. He was on track for a nap, and there was no turning back.

“During the shoot, Benny looked sleepier than ever, and we could see him starting to doze off so we quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over,” Rebecca Eden, the internet marketing coordinator at the Guide Dog Foundation, told The Dodo. “Our nursery staff and photographer were all giggling, and you can hear one staff member say, ‘Goodnight,’ as he dozes off.”

Guide Dog Foundation

Benny did his best to stay awake, but his sleepiness was just too strong. The photographer still managed to capture some cute shots to announce Benny’s initiation into the program, and honestly, his sleepiness just made things all the more cute.

guide dog puppy
Guide Dog Foundation

Benny is now 7 months old and his training is going well. Some day, he’ll be the best guide or service dog for someone who needs him. For now, though, he’s just the best at playing and taking naps, and that’s great too.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent for a future guide dog, you can apply here.

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