Furry Blob Hanging From Shopping Cart Interrupts Woman's Grocery Trip

She knew something was wrong.

What seemed like a typical errand run quickly turned into a rescue mission when a woman named Jacinta recently spotted an unusual ball of fuzz dangling from a shopping cart in Wodonga, Australia.

animal hanging from cart
Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

Intrigued, Jacinta approached the cart. Soon, she locked eyes with a fluffy black face hanging upside down. This wasn’t just any fur ball — this was a grey-headed flying fox. But why was she all alone? And why was she out during the day?

Jacinta suspected something was wrong, so she called Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter for help.

bat hanging from cart
Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

It turns out, Jacinta was right to be concerned.

“[It’s] absolutely not common to have a situation with a little flier like this,” Chris Lehmann of Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter told The Dodo.

Rescuers suspected the little bat lost her mother. Without anyone looking after her, the bat, now named Luna, likely tried to follow other adult bats in her colony but was too small to keep up.

Luckily, Kangaloola had all the resources necessary to make sure Luna got the love and attention she clearly missed.

bat in a blanket
Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

“[S]he is safe now, enjoying good food and has settled well,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post about the bat.

Sheltered with animal experts, Luna, once much slimmer than a bat her age, has gained necessary weight.

For now, Luna continues to live at the shelter, where rescuers can monitor her and ensure she gets everything she needs.

bat in a blanket
Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

Keeping bats like Luna safe is more salient than many might realize. Lehmann stressed the importance of bats, who serve a vital role in their ecosystem by pollinating local plants. Without bats, Lehmann said, forests are in danger of decline.

Luna’s story is a heartwarming example of what can happen when someone sees an animal in need and does the right thing.

“If you ever see a bat in an unusual situation in the daytime, call a rescue service immediately,” Lehmann said. “Most likely it needs help.”

To help other bats like Luna, make a donation to Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter.