Fun-Loving Dog Figures Out An Exciting Alternative To Walking

"I don't think he realizes how amazing he is."

Like most dogs, this sweet rescue pup named Greyson loves a good walk. But unlike most dogs, that’s not his only way of getting around.

He's learned to ride in style.

James Bonde

Greyson was just a few months old when he was rescued from the streets where he'd been abandoned. He was adopted shortly after by his dad, James Bonde — and the pair soon became inseperable.

"He goes everywhere I go," Bonde told The Dodo.

But Greyson goes how Bonde goes as well.

James Bonde

Bonde is an outdoor enthusiast and, naturally, Greyson has become one too. In addition to going on hikes, kayak rides and surfing trips together, they're also known to cruise around town on a Onewheel — a self-balancing, electric transport.

Initially, Greyson would simply stand on the Onewheel while Bonde controlled it. But it didn't stay that way for long.

James Bonde

Evidently, while serving as Bonde's passenger on the Onewheel, Greyson developed a sense of how it operates. Essentially, leaning on the board propels it in that direction.

And before long, Greyson was able to ride it all on his own.

He started off slow, carefully perfecting the feel of the wheel.

Soon enough, Greyson was cruising with ease — tackling even off-road surfaces like a pro.

Bonde even decided to buy Greyson a Onewheel of his own so the two could travel together as separate riders.

These days, Greyson and Bonde have become unmissable figures around town as they cruise along during their fun outings. They definitely turn heads.

"Greyson loves to ride," Bonde said. "And he loves everybody."

Greyson has come a long way since he was saved from his sad life as a stray.

And thanks to Bonde, they're making that journey forward in style.

James Bonde

"I don't think he realizes how amazing he is," Bonde said. "It's all he knows."