Frog Goes To IKEA And Soon Winds Up With A Whole House Full Of Stuff

He didn't have to spend a dime 🐸❤️

The other day, Parth Kumar and his family decided to pay a visit to their local IKEA store to pick up a few things for the house.

What they didn’t expect, however, was that they’d ultimately end up giving someone else a whole new home.

Parth Kumar

While perusing the store’s houseplant displays, Kumar’s sister noticed something unusual. Nestled in one of the pots was a frog, packaged up as if some added bit of ornamentation.

“At first I thought it was just a model or a toy,” Kumar told The Dodo.

But this was no decoration.

“I looked closely and saw him breathing,” Kumar said.

Parth Kumar

Kumar and his family were planning on buying a plant anyway, so they decided on the one with the frog. Fearing he wouldn’t survive long in the store, they’d planned to take him someplace more fitting for an amphibian.

It just felt like the right thing to do. But it turned out there was a catch.

Parth Kumar

“At first, I wanted to release him into a nearby pond, but I did some research and identified him as a Cuban tree frog, which is an invasive species [where I live],” Kumar said.

The frog was a long way from his native ecosystem, and might do harm to local wildlife if released near Kumar’s house.

So, Kumar decided to keep him.

"I will name him Slippy, and I will love him,” he said.

Parth Kumar

Fortunately, despite having had to survive inside an IKEA for a time, Slippy appears to be in good health. Kumar plans to keep it that way.

He’s already built him a temporary frog home inside his home until he buys a bigger tank.

The plant he came with will join him there.

Parth Kumar

And just like that, the frog from IKEA found a loving home full of stuff to call his own.

“I was not planning to get a pet anytime soon,” Kumar said. “But I do love frogs, and I'm looking forward to having a little buddy.”