Friendly Goats Surprise UPS Driver During Holiday Rush

Everyone loves a good present 🎄❤

It's a busy time of year for Maria Helen's dad, a driver for UPS. But amid the hurried holiday rush to deliver packages filled with presents, he suddenly found himself the recipient of an unexpected "gift."

Here they come now.


“I was delivering several packages to a house and the owners weren’t home so I was hauling them into the garage," Helen's dad told The Dodo. But he soon discovered the property wasn't exactly vacant.

Roaming the grounds were a pair of friendly goats. They were more than eager to greet the UPS driver going about his business.

"I made three trips and each time I came back to the truck, the goats were a little closer," he said.

Soon they were at his door — but they didn't stop there.

Despite having made a delivery at the home, Helen's dad's vehicle ended up even more full than before.

"By the final time I came back, one of them was in the back of my truck!” he said.


The goats seemed insistent on gifting the UPS driver an unforgettable memory.

And they delivered.


In the end, Helen's dad was able to convince the goats to disembark so he could continue on his route — but not before snapping photos of the friendly visitors to share the happy encounter with his family.

"We thought they were so cute," Helen said.

Thankfully, she decided the world should know about it too.

And with that, the goats' "gift" now just keeps on giving.