Friendly Dog Smiles At Everyone At Adoption Event — But No One Notices Him

Everyone thinks he’s too big 💔

As he waited at the adoption event, Barney hoped that today was the day. The sweet shelter pup had already spent months at the Darlington County Humane Society and received very little interest from adopters. But Barney wasn’t giving up.

Barney watched as other dogs at the event found their families and hoped he’d be next. He smiled at passersby and wagged his tail. But when the event came to a close, no one had noticed Barney.

Humane society staff were heartbroken that Barney had been overlooked once again. They gave him lots of hugs to try and cheer him up.

woman hugging dog

Barney didn’t let the event get him down. He still loves people and only wants someone to love him in return.

“He enjoys playing with other dogs, definitely, but Barney most enjoys time with a person,” Wendy Ransome, foster coordinator for the shelter, told The Dodo. “Barney is a happy, friendly and affectionate boy.”

woman hugging dog

Ransome believes that Barney’s larger size has made many adopters wary. However, she knows that to the right person the pup’s size won’t matter at all.

“Barney is a large, friendly goofball,” Ransome said. “When I am at the shelter and look toward his kennel, I know he will be at the front, just waiting. Barney is a big and strong guy, and not one that most are going to choose. We understand and know that there is someone who will see what we see.”

In a Facebook post about Barney, the humane society wrote about the pup's infinite affection. 

"He longs for attention," the post says. "When you visit his kennel, he whines begging you to take him out. He will press himself as close as he can against the gate so you can reach in and love on every part of him possible. If you sit with him, he's delighted. If you take him out to play, he's over the moon."

Barney is good with kids but prefers not to live with cats. For now, Barney is content to wait at the shelter, where staff members are always quick with a hug and a smile. But Barney, who has so much love to give, hopes that someday soon the perfect person will see him. Finally, Barney will get his happy ending too.

If you're interested in adopting Barney, visit his adoption page for more information. To help other dogs like Barney, make a donation to the Darlington County Humane Society.