Dog Is Such A Perfect Match For Mom's Couch That He Basically Disappears

He's basically just another cushion 😂

Vinnie and his brother Rocco are usually very well-behaved. However, the two merle Frenchies do occasionally pull disappearing acts — even if they’re not aware of it.
With their gray and black spotted coats and their happy-go-lucky personalities, the two dogs stand out whenever they go out for a walk. But as soon as they curl up for a nap on their mom’s crushed velvet sofa, they become invisible.

Dogs blend in with velvet couch

It's basically a superpower:


“The sofa, being plush velvet in dark gray and silver tones, the pups blend in perfectly,” Tina Grantham, Rocco and Vinnie's mom, told The Dodo. “It’s sometimes difficult to spot them, thinking they are cushions.”

Dogs hide in velvet couch

Both pups match the couch when the light is right, but Vinnie, the smaller of the two, is usually harder to find. The snuggly dog also has more of a mischievous side.
The velvet couch is the brothers’ favorite hiding spot, though it’s unclear if they realize just how well they blend in.

Spot the dog in the sofa
Tina Grantham

“I don’t think they know they are camouflaged with the couch,” Grantham said. “However, they spend a lot of time hiding behind the cushions and peeking out.”


Grantham loves them both more than she ever thought possible and the dog brothers have made her family complete — even if she can’t always find them.

“They absolutely melt our hearts [since they are] the most loving, sweetest pups,” Grantham said. “Overall, the happiness and joy they bring to us all every single day is amazing. I must have around 10,000 photos of them because everything they do is just too cute.”

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