Neighbors See Flash Of Fur In Window Of Empty Apartment And Realize Someone's Moved In

“She’d managed to destroy almost everything!"

Recently, strange things started happening at an apartment building in London. People started hearing strange noises coming from the apartment above them, even though no one was living in it at the time. Then they started seeing flashes of fur in the windows — and realized that someone had moved in unannounced.

After a few more sightings through the windows, the neighbors realized there was a fox trapped in the vacant apartment. Some people tried to get the fox out themselves with no luck, so they contacted the RSPCA for help.

“We spoke to the estate agents, who went into the property and found her running riot in the flat,” Jade Guthrie, an animal rescue officer with the RSPCA, said in a press release. “She’d managed to destroy almost everything! She made a dash for it when they went into the flat.”


No one is sure how the fox got into the apartment, and they think she’d been trapped in there for about four days. However she got in, she apparently wasn’t able to get back out that way, and she seemingly tried everything to escape to no avail.

“She had destroyed the blinds trying to scratch her way out,” Guthrie said.

Even though she was trying to find a way out, she was quite startled when people showed up to help her, and immediately ran to hide. After looking around a bit, Guthrie managed to find her curled up in the attic, enjoying one last nap in her temporary home.


“I opened the doors leading down to the garden and corralled her down the stairs, and she darted off into the undergrowth, no worse for wear thankfully,” Guthrie said.

The fox had a taste of fancy apartment living and quickly decided that a more traditional forest life was much more her speed.