Fox Cub Jumps For Joy When He Finds A Red Ball On The Ground

Zoomies aren't just for dogs ...

Foxes in the wild may seem shy or timid, spending much of their time alone, but even the most serious animals like to have fun every now and then.

Take it from this fox cub in West Sussex, England, who stumbled across a rogue ball in a cemetery and immediately got a case of the zoomies.

“This is what happens when a playful fox [cub] finds a ball,” Fox Guardians, a nonprofit organization that looks after the fox community, wrote on Facebook. “They will literally have a ball playing with it for hours on end!”

Toys are more than just a means of play for young foxes — they also help develop their natural instincts.

“Cubs become agile and strong through play,” Fox Guardians wrote. “Both qualities are needed for hunting and fighting when they become independent juveniles.”

For organizations like Fox Guardians, which dedicates one hundred percent of its time to caring for the local fox population, toys are common enrichment tools.

But fox-centric wildlife organizations aren’t the only ones who benefit from knowing that foxes love toys. Most homeowners could use that information, too.

“If you have a cub digging up your lawn, provide old socks, tea towels or cheap soft toys … and they will play with these toys instead of digging up the lawn or chewing your plants,” Fox Guardians wrote in a separate Facebook post.

Distracting curious foxes from the sights and smells of a garden with an even more enticing toy will make everyone happy.

Unless, of course, the fox’s siblings are waiting around for a turn.

The young fox who got a case of the zoomies after finding a red ball has since grown into a nearly independent teen.

He still hangs around the Fox Guardian property, and — even though life is a lot more serious for the mature boy — he instantly transforms into a cub again whenever he finds a new toy.

To help wild foxes like these cubs get the care they need, you can make a donation to Fox Guardians here.