Fluffy Dog Storms Soccer Field — And Tries To Make Off With The Ball

No regrets 😂

When this ball-loving dog saw an opportunity, he took it — no matter the fact that the "opportunity" was quite inopportune for everyone other than him.

Turns out, however, it was a much-loved moment regardless.

This week, the teams Curicó Unido and Palestino faced off in a heated soccer match at a stadium in Chile. Though Palestine would ultimately close out the game with a 1–0 victory, the real winner of the night had on no uniform at all.

That title went to this fluffy dog, who, without warning, decided to storm the field and steal the ball.

The game was momentarily halted due to the adorable interruption — yet, sure enough, the crowd still went wild.

The object of the dog's desire, though for a few seconds within his grasp, sadly fell to the grass while player Maximiliano Salas escorted him away.

Nevertheless, as the dog was hauled off the field, he showed zero regrets about his bold attempt.


Where the dog had come from exactly is anyone's guess — but with that simple act, he secured himself a place as a sports legend.

Ball is life, after all.