Firefighters Battling Blaze Come To The Rescue Of An Adorable Little Owl

They were there when he needed them most ❤️

While battling the massive Silverado Fire in California, firefighters happened upon a little life in desperate need of saving.

It was a little barn owl. Some of his feathers had been burned, leaving him unable to fly.

Realizing the owl stood little chance of surviving on his own, rescuers wrapped him in a coat and carried him to safety. The owl, resting in his rescuer's arms, seemed to realize he was in good hands.

Here's that moment on video:

"He’s safe and sound and currently with animal control," Orange County Fire Authority wrote.

The owl was then transferred to the Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital, where doctors determined that most of his injuries appeared to be superficial — he only damaged his feathers which, fortunately, will grow back with time.

Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital

"We will have to hold onto him for a number of months until he molts new feathers," the owl's caretakers wrote. "Once he gets new feathers, he will be able to be released."

In the meantime, the owl is showing his spirit's still strong.

"[He's] quite feisty, which is a great sign!" caretakers wrote in an update.

Thanks to the firefighters' lifesaving efforts, and those dedicated to his long-term care, the little barn owl will one day fly free.

"This is why we do what we do," the bird hospital wrote.

To help support this owl's recovery, and that of other rescued wildlife, consider making a donation to the Orange County Bird of Prey Center.