People Are Having A Tough Time Spotting The Cat In This Photo

Can you find him? 👀

World, meet Chiquinho — that is, if you can find him. This sweet cat has a real talent for blending in.

The other day, Chiquinho’s owner Alessandra Ribeiro posted a photo of her cat hiding in plain sight at home in their kitchen. And even the most sharp-eyed internet sleuths are having a very tough time finding him.

Go ahead, give it a try. 

Alessandra Ribeiro

So, how'd you do? Did you find Chiquinho?

If not, here's a hint: This is what he looks like up close.

Alessandra Ribeiro

Still stumped? You're probably not alone.

Here's where Chiquinho is hiding out.

Alessandra Ribeiro

The cat's actually fully visible. It's just that his pitch-black fur blends in almost entirely with the countertop.

Only Chiquinho's yellow eyes give him away.

Alessandra Ribeiro

See? He was watching you the whole time. You just didn't know it. 

That's a feeling Chiquinho's owner knows all too well.

"He loves being sneaky," Ribeiro told The Dodo. "We are sometimes surprised by the places he hides."

Alessandra Ribeiro

Chiquinho likes to hide, but he enjoys being found even more — especially for snuggles.

Alessandra Ribeiro

"He is a very loving cat," Ribeiro said. "He brings us a lot of happiness by being himself — and a lot of laughter when we find him hiding."