Ferret Decides She Needs The Computer Charger Way More Than Mom Does

“She can be very possessive over ‘her’ precious — think Gollum in ‘Lord of the Rings.’"

Despite being a tiny ferret and the smallest member of her family, Luna's definitely in charge of things. She pretty much runs the house, and even the dogs, who are all much bigger than her, are kind of scared of her. Her favorite thing in the world is Velcro, and she has always made it very clear that every Velcro item in the house belongs to her. 

“I’m not sure when we first discovered the Velcro obsession,” Bron Davies, Luna’s mom, told The Dodo. “Pretty much anything with Velcro gets dragged around the house. Including the dogs’ winter blankets, shoes with Velcro on them — anything. She is also obsessed with cupcake wrappers and inner soles of shoes.” 

Bron Davies

When Luna discovered that her mom’s computer charger has Velcro on it, she immediately became obsessed with it. Now, every single chance she gets, she jumps up to her mom’s computer, unplugs the computer charger and runs away with it. 

“She will steal the computer cord at every opportunity and generally stashes it under our bed or my son's bed,” Davies said. 

Bron Davies

Sometimes, Luna decides to hide the charger somewhere new, and her mom has to spend time trying to figure out where it is. When she finally does find it again, Luna is very reluctant to give it up, and wishes her mom would just let her keep it forever. 

“She can be very possessive over ‘her’ precious — think Gollum in ‘Lord of the Rings’ — and will hiss if you try and take it off her,” Davies said. 

ferret sleeping
Bron Davies

Stealing the computer charger has become Luna’s favorite game, along with stealing anything else in the house that happens to have Velcro on it. Much to her dismay, everyone eventually wants their stuff back, except for the dogs, who just let her have whatever she wants.

Even though her mom needs it, Luna will definitely continue to steal the computer charger whenever she can, and seems to hope that, someday, her mom will give up and just let her keep it.