Family Tries To Set Things Right After Their Cat Goes On A Crime Spree

Esme's been a bad girl 😂

Anyone wondering what Esme the cat has been up to these days needn’t look far to find the answer. Her family’s made it abundantly clear:

No good.

Esme is no doubt a sweet cat — a lover of pets and long afternoon naps. But she's also something else that's not so desirable. Evidently, Esme's a thief.

A photo has been making the rounds online showing a sign set up outside Esme's home, alerting the neighborhood about her thieving ways. 

Alongside the sign is a clothesline containing Esme's ill-gotten items in search of their rightful owners.


Esme apparently has a thing for gloves.


It's unclear exactly when Esme's crime spree began, or how long it's been going on for, but one thing is clear — her family is trying their best to set things right.

From the looks of it, at least one of the cat's victims has been made whole again thanks to the yard display.

As for Esme's good reputation? Well, that might take a little longer to restore.