Family Realizes They've Been Pranked By The Most Unlikely Doorbell Ditcher

It wasn't teenagers.

Doorbell ditching — that is, the act of ringing a person’s doorbell and then running away — has long been a pesky pastime of the mildly mischievous.

So, the other evening, when a chime came through from Dustin Smith’s front door, after which nary a soul was around, he and his family had good reason to believe they’d been the targets of some neighborhood kids' prank. But they’d have been wrong.

“Last night we were a victim of the good old fashioned ding dong ditch,” Smith wrote. “But this time it wasn’t being performed by a teenager.”

The family’s doorbell camera actually caught the prankster in the act:

Turns out, it was none other than a bear.

It’s unclear exactly why the bear had decided to mosey up to the Smiths' porch, let alone ring the doorbell. But fortunately for all involved, he left even more swiftly than he’d come.

Living in bear country, it helps to take precautions to avoid unpleasant conflicts — and, evidently, to have the patience and understanding to laugh off the occasional hijinks.