Family Notices Strange Black ‘Log’ In Water And Ends Up Saving A Life

“We were stunned.”

Enjoying a recent boat ride through Hawaii’s Kaneohe Bay, June Mellor and her family were surprised to notice a strange, dark object floating alongside their boat.

“We saw something black in the water,” Mellor told The Dodo. “We thought it was a log at first, but then we saw it move.”

pig in water

Inching closer, the family soon got a clearer view. At first, they thought the animal might be a dog. But then they saw a snout and they knew — the little paddler was a pig, and she seemed exhausted.

“We were stunned,” Mellor said. “We wondered where it had come from and how long it had been out there in the water. One thing’s for sure, we knew we had to help.”

pig swimming

Hastily, the Mellors hatched a plan. June’s husband and son fashioned a rope into a lasso. After a few tries, they managed to get the rope around the pig’s midsection. Gently, the family pulled the tired pig out of the water to safety.

“The minute she was on deck, she just collapsed,” Mellor said.

The Mellors let the pig relax in a shady section of the boat. They named her Miracle as an ode to her amazing rescue story. Sleepy Miracle dazed on the boat as the Mellor family took her back to the shore.

Safe on land, Miracle instantly realized that she was back where she belonged.

“As soon as her feet touched grass, she perked up,” Mellor said. “She suddenly was alert and sniffing all around.”

pig in the woods

The family watched as Miracle slowly made her way back into the wilderness, thrilled that the resilient pig’s scary story had a happy ending.