Family Hears Mysterious Cries For Help Coming From Inside Concrete Staircase

The crack was big enough for a fluffy baby to fall through.

The other day, a family in Danbury, Connecticut, heard a high-pitched cry ring out from a concrete porch.

The family followed the sounds to a small set of stairs. They noticed a mama cat and two kittens nearby, but they couldn’t find the source of the crying anywhere.

Then, they spotted a thin crevice between the steps and the house — just wide enough for a kitten or two to fall through.

Danbury Fire Department

Another high-pitched yelp reverberated from inside the crack, and the family immediately called the Danbury Fire Department (DFD) for help.

“Tonight, a family discovered two small kittens who had fallen between a masonry wall and some pre-cast concrete stairs,” DFD wrote on Facebook. “The two kittens had fallen just far enough down where they couldn't be reached and pulled out, and their heads were stuck tight between the concrete.”

Facebook/Danbury Fire Department

The firefighters couldn’t pull the kittens out from above, so they quickly improvised a different method.

They grabbed rescue airbags and wedged them, along with blocks of wood, into the crevice.

Facebook/Danbury Fire Department

“Utilizing rescue [airbags], just enough force was exerted to add about [a quarter] inch of space, allowing the kittens to fall into the void below the stairs,” DFD wrote.

The kittens dropped even further into the dark abyss, eventually landing safely on the ground.

They were still trapped between the stairs and the wall but luckily their rescuers were already working on grabbing them from the other side.

Facebook/Danbury Fire Department

“[The] firefighters removed two rocks in an adjoining wall, and then they were able to reach in with a snare and capture both kittens,” DFD wrote.

After a long and painstaking mission, the fluffy kittens were finally free.

Facebook/Danbury Fire Department

Everyone around them — from the humans who called the fire department to their mama cat and siblings who never left their side — was elated.

“The two rogue kittens were reunited with their mom and siblings, and the neighborhood was relieved that the kittens were alright,” DFD wrote.

Facebook/Danbury Fire Department

The pair of kittens are now back with their family, just where they belong.

And with their time in the stairs behind them, the babies are officially happier than ever.