Family Has The Sweetest Reaction When Their Lost Dog Suddenly Appears

It was the purest of celebrations ❤️

Last month, unimaginable heartbreak struck Steven Beltran and his family in Colombia.

Their beloved little dog, Brownie, had gone missing from home — and, as the days passed with no sight of him, they began to fear he was lost forever.

“There were days of searching, days in which we did not sleep, days we did not eat,” Beltran told The Dodo. “All we could do was think about Brownie.”

Steven Beltran

The family asked for the public’s help in locating Brownie, but sadly, he was nowhere to be found.

Then that all changed.

Steven Beltran

A week after Brownie disappeared, he somehow managed to find his own way home.

Security camera footage at Beltran’s house captured the moment the dog squeezed under the front gate — and the family’s euphoric reaction to finding out that Brownie had safely returned.

It was the purest of celebrations:

"Having Brownie back is something indescribable," Beltran said. "We are very happy that he has returned."

Brownie is very happy, too, to be back in his family's loving arms.

Steven Beltran

It's unclear exactly where Brownie had been while he was away, but fortunately, he'd survived long enough to make it home. And the reaction of his family to that fact is the clearest expression of just how much he's loved.

"Thank God he came back to our house alone. He was a little tired, quite thirsty and hungry," Beltran said. "I can't imagine everything he experienced those seven days he was away from home. Now, he's being spoiled."