Family Finds The Perfect Way To Keep Track Of Two Tiny Dogs


Ricky Ray is very protective of his family, and therefore has to be near them at all times. He’s definitely a feisty dog, despite being super tiny, and absolutely thinks he’s way bigger than he is.

“He’s very loving and cuddly with family, but very timid with strangers as [are] most other Chihuahuas,” Layla Tucker, Ricky Ray’s family member, told The Dodo “He’s very protective of our mom and will charge any dog that gets close to her, especially when they’re in bed. He has, like, three teeth total, so he doesn’t do much damage. He also weighs, like, 4 pounds, but thinks he’s a Great Dane.”

cute dog
Layla Tucker

Recently, Tucker’s family and some friends were all staying in a house together for a little vacation to celebrate some family birthdays. Since it was a new space, they were afraid of losing track of Ricky Ray and another Chihuahua, Petrie, who was staying there too. The house also had these big iron gates with gaps in between them that the tiny dogs could have easily fit through. They needed a way to prevent the little guys from getting lost — and came up with the best solution.

cute dog
Layla Tucker

They decided to tie balloons around both Ricky Ray and Petrie so that wherever they were, the family would be able to see them — and it totally worked.

After that, if someone needed to find one of the dogs, all they had to do was look for the bobbing balloons, and there they were.

“It’s great for parties, dogs that wander, older people or even kids to keep people from stepping on them,” Tucker said. “Ricky Ray is usually right by Mom’s feet, so it helps her from stepping on him as well. Sometimes he does wander if we are in a different place, so it also helps keeping track of him.”

The little Chihuahuas barely seemed to notice their new accessories, and just went about their days like nothing had changed.

“They didn’t seem to mind the balloons at all,” Tucker said. “They don’t move very fast or very far.”

The entire time everyone was staying at the house together, the balloons helped keep Ricky Ray and Petrie from accidentally getting stepped on and alerted everyone if they were wandering too far away. Not only were they an adorable solution, but they also kept them safe, which was definitely the best part.