Family Arrives At Vet And Discovers Why The Cat Carrier Was Heavier Than Usual

“We were in complete shock!"

For the past five years, Reese has been obsessed with her cat big sister, Skittles. The pair love playing together, and Reese loves being around Skittles whenever she can. 15-year-old Skittles occasionally gets annoyed with her dog little sister, but for the most part, the pair are incredibly close.

“I think Reese likes Skittles more than Skittles likes Reese,” Jamie-Lee Ball, the pair’s mom, told The Dodo. “They do get along well and have their adorable cuddling moments together, but they also act like sisters and play fight with each other often. Reese always acts like the younger sister and teases Skittles often to play together.”

dog and cat
Jamie-Lee Ball

Recently, Ball was getting ready to take Skittles to the vet and was in kind of a rush getting out of the house. Ball was on the phone and had her mom put Skittles in her carrier. Then they quickly headed out the door to make it to the vet on time. In the car, Skittles didn’t make a sound from the back seat, which wasn’t unusual. When they got to the vet, though, they noticed there was something that was a bit off.

“When we arrived at the vet, I grabbed the kennel out of the back seat and really struggled to lift it,” Ball said. “I actually pulled my back a bit trying to lift it out and made a comment, ‘OMG! Did Skittles gain weight overnight?! Why is she so heavy?!’ but attributed the awkward/heavy carrier to why it was so difficult to carry. When we walked into the vet office, the vet tech said to me, ‘Oh! You decided to bring everyone with you today,’ and I thought she was referring to my mum, who decided to tag along.”

Once they were in the room, they put the carrier on the examination table, opened it up, and suddenly everything made sense.

Jamie-Lee Ball

Inside the carrier was Skittles — and Reese, who had somehow managed to sneak into the carrier unnoticed and accompany her big sister to the vet.

“We were in complete shock,” Ball said. “We were all laughing at the thought of Reese and Skittles squished together for that whole car ride and how sweet Reese was that she wanted to tag along. The vet and vet techs all said that was a first and they were excited to tell their families that night of the cute story.”

Apparently, Reese hadn’t wanted her big sister to have to travel alone, but she was definitely less than pleased when she realized where her impromptu adventure had brought her to.

dog and cat
Jamie-Lee Ball

“Reese was absolutely mortified that her fun adventure outside of the house was to the vet,” Ball said. “She started shaking and trembling immediately, and in the video, you can see she's licking her lips a lot out of anxiety. She eventually felt OK with her decision when she realized the appointment was for Skittles and not her, and then she was walking around the vet office saying hi to everyone with no worries.”

Skittles, on the other hand, pretended to be annoyed that she’d had to share her carrier for an entire car ride — but her family could tell that, deep down, she was actually happy to have Reese there to keep her company during her checkup.

“I do honestly think that she did provide some level of comfort for her because she didn't cry once during the visit, and she normally would at a vet visit,” Ball said.

In the end, the sneaky adventure worked out for everyone and made for the funniest, most adorable story ever.