Family Creates An Epic Snow Maze For Their 21 Rescue Dogs

“The big boys all run through the maze like it’s a big game."

Chris and Mariesa Hughes' passion in life is helping rescue dogs, and so far they’ve saved over 500 senior dogs. They currently have 21 rescue dogs of their own: Mabel, Major, Mya Marie, Fitzgibbons, Delilah, Vera, Pixie, Lacey, Phil, Mercury, Sammy, Stig, Tejas, Meatball, Quinn, Tina, Pesto, Frank, Gizmo, Nutmeg and Bully. The dogs range in age from 18 weeks to 21 years old, and are all very loved, valued members of their big rescue family. 

“They are all so unique but all get along as one big happy family,” Chris Hughes told The Dodo. “They are independent, mischievous, strong, loving, loyal and crazy. Many of them have little packs within the pack, Stig and Quinn are always playing together, Phil and Mercury are inseparable.” 

21 rescue dogs
Chris Hughes

Obviously, making sure 21 dogs are cared for every day can be tricky, and when it recently snowed a ton, the couple knew it could make things even tricker. 

“When we woke up I was absolutely shocked,” Hughes said. “I have lived my entire life in cities that get a lot of snow, but I have never seen this much in such a short period of time. We needed to figure out a way to allow the dogs to at least get outside to do their business and let off a little steam.” 

Hughes went outside to start shoveling an area for the dogs to use — and as he worked, he suddenly had the best idea. 

snow maze
Chris Hughes

“It had started with just clearing a little area for them but then I got carried away and 2+ hours later, I had the maze,” Hughes said. 

Instead of clearing a small area for the dogs to do their business in, Hughes ended up digging a maze throughout their entire backyard, and of course, all of the dogs absolutely loved it. 

Chris Hughes

“The big boys all run through the maze like it’s a big game,” Hughes said. “It’s nice for them to be able to get out and explore still, I think I am going to hide some toys in the banks for them to find next!” 

The maze was a great way for the dogs to still be able to run around and play despite all the snow, and was just another way their parents were able to show their huge rescue pack just how much they love them. 

Chris Hughes

Even though the maze is already pretty great, Hughes has plans to keep expanding on it, and there’s no doubt that the dogs will continue to love exploring it as it expands and grows.

“I am going to do some more paths soon as there is no thawing in sight, maybe try to carve a few tunnels in there,” Hughes said.

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