Family Can't Stop Laughing When They Notice The Car Next To Them

"I was in tears" 😂

The other day, Kristina Magner was out for a drive with her family when something caught her eye.

Truth be told, he was pretty hard to miss.

Kristina Magner

There, speeding along in a car next to Magner and her family, was a very happy dog. The driver of the other car had apparently opened the sunroof so that the pup could enjoy the ride in style.

But he wasn’t the only one feeling elated.

Seeing the dog, his lips flapping in the wind, Magner and her family could hardly contain themselves:

That passing encounter is one that Magner and her family won't soon forget.

“It was absolutely hysterical,” Magner told The Dodo. “The dog had us cracking up. I was in tears from laughing so hard. My kids thought it was hilarious too.”