Huge Walrus Decides To Borrow A Stranger's Boat

He's the captain now.

For the past several months, a walrus named Wally has been exploring European waters, far from his native Arctic. He’s thought to have fallen asleep on an iceberg near Greenland earlier this year, which then drifted south.

The scenery may be different from what Wally’s used to — but he’s still making the most of his unplanned adventure.

Clonakilty Distillery

Earlier this week, employees from Clonakilty Distillery in Ireland spotted the wayward walrus. He’d evidently decided to rest his fins a while by commandeering one of their vessels anchored offshore.

And it didn’t take long for Wally to make himself feel at home.

Clonakilty Distillery

The boat’s owners were shocked.

“It was definitely unexpected,” Adam Collins, spokesperson for Clonakilty Distillery, told The Dodo. “Wally's been spotted in Irish waters before, but we never thought in a million years we'd see him here, especially in one of our team’s boat.”

Clonakilty Distillery

Wally was evidently in need of a rest — and he'd found just the place to get it.

"He seemed pretty relaxed, just chilling in the boat," Collins said.

Clonakilty Distillery

The boat listed a bit due to Wally's massive size, but that didn't appear to bother him. That unoccupied vessel was now all his — and its rightful owners didn't mind one bit.

"Thankfully, there was no damage caused to the boat," Collins said. "We were quite happy just to leave him be and chill out!"

Wally used the opportunity to catch a few Zs.

Clonakilty Distillery

According to Collins, Wally was still lazing aboard the boat as evening arrived and its owners headed back to dry land. They'd had to forfeit their use of their vessel that day on account of the hijacking walrus — but there's no hard feelings whatsoever.

"It was an amazing experience just to see him," Collins said.