Employees Walk Into Office And Find A Wild Monkey Hard At Work

He looks so focused 😂

The other day, staff and commuters at the Bolpur railway station in India arrived to find an unlikely new “employee” hard at work in the facility’s ticket office.

It was a wild monkey, a langur, who’d evidently wandered inside and found a place behind the desk. There, despite presumably being unfamiliar with computers or office work, the ambitious little primate did his best to make it look like he was up to the task at hand.

“Wow, talk about an efficient and tech-savvy langur!” one commenter later wrote.

According to local reports, the monkey remained in the office for about 30 minutes, shuffling through papers and pretending to type on the computer.

People gathered to observe him as he went about his busy work, while station officials reportedly “laughed off” the situation and opted to give him space. Langurs inquisitive animals held in high esteem by locals, so his antics seemed more than welcomed.

Eventually, the monkey was offered a snack in the station’s break room as a bonus for his labor.

Afterward, the langur apparently decided to call it quits, allowing station operations to continue as normal.

That, apparently, was enough monkey business for one day.