Bossy Emu Won’t Stop Photobombing His Mom’s Social Media Posts

“Emmanuel, don’t do it" 😂

Emmanuel the emu is not the only animal who lives with Taylor Blake, but if his recent antics make anything clear, it’s that he doesn’t like sharing his mom with the camera.

This weekend, Blake was trying to film herself with one of her cows when suddenly someone else made their way into the frame.

Taylor Blake

As his mom speaks into the camera, the roughly 5-foot-8, 120-pound emu manages to push his way into the shot. Every. Single. Time. As he stares into the camera with his big reddish-brown eyes, you can hear Blake yelling excitedly, “Emmanuel, don’t do it!” And yes, he does it anyway. Judging from the slight smile on Blake’s face, however, this lovable black-feathered emu can get away with just about anything he wants.

Emus are second only to ostriches in terms of their large size, and as Emmanuel pecks at his mom's phone and gets up close and personal with the screen, he makes his presence known in a big (and hilarious) way.

While Emmanuel seems determined to be the star of the show (and possibly destroy Blake’s phone in the process), it’s clear that along with all of the animals, he’s a well-loved pet. His naturally curious personality (as well as his inability to fly — emus rely solely on their long legs to get around) most likely means Emmanuel will keep trying to steal his mom’s thunder.

"The man is just a natural," Blake tells CNN. "I swear he was born to be on camera."

In this video, Blake attempts to thank everyone for watching, and, naturally, Emmanuel interrupts (like only Emmanuel can).

And by the way, the world’s most famous emu has a full name, and it’s Emmanuel Todd Lopez, to be exact.

And if “Emmanuel, don’t do it!” is now stuck in your head … well, you’re not alone.

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