Driver On Icy Road Gushes After Spotting A Little Family In The Path Ahead

"What a sight that is ..."

Driving on the long, icy roads of northern Ontario, Canada, might seem to some like a monotonous task — the snow-covered landscape stretching out as far as the eye can see. But truth is, there’s more beauty to behold that far north than people often expect.

And it’s not just in the mesmerizing lights of the aurora borealis.

Clendon Patrick

The other day, seasonal winter road coordinator Clendon Patrick was traveling along a stretch of road north of his community, Weenusk First Nation, when several figures up ahead caught his eye.

It was a family of polar bears — a mother and her two cubs — out for a stroll in the street.

Patrick slowed his vehicle to appreciate the sight of them, wild and free, something few people outside the region will ever get the chance to see:

As Partick passed by, he noted how healthy the polar bears appeared to be, praising the mother for her good job of parenting.

“It’s very inspirational to see them in real life,” Patrick told The Dodo. “To have a heathy population of polar bears is very promising.”

Clendon Patrick

Polar bears, of course, are well-suited for survival in a place that might seem inhospitable to outsiders. But for Patrick, who lives and works there, too, sightings like this one offer a reminder of the beauty it contains.

“We all connect to the land,” he said.