Driver Notices Cardboard Box On Sidewalk With Eyes Peering Out Of The Flap

“You’re safe, honey ... You’re safe now.”

The other day, a woman in California decided to take a different route than usual to an appointment. Driving down a quiet side street, she noticed a lone cardboard box in the middle of the sidewalk. She did a double-take when she spotted two little animals sitting on top of it.


The Good Samaritan screeched to a halt. She ran to help the tiny kittens, but they leaped from the package and bolted down the street when she was just a few steps away. Before she could run after them, the woman noticed a pair of eyes staring at her from inside the cardboard box.

“I never go this way …” the woman said in an Instagram Reel posted by David Loop, founder of Sierra Pacific Furbabies. “The box was sitting here, halfway open. There [were] two kittens on top and two inside. And then they ran.”


The woman called her husband, and the pair spent the next hour and 45 minutes scouring the area for the two runaway kittens. They were able to recover one of the kittens, but the second one burrowed his way into a deep hole.

The pair reached out to Loop for help, and the rescuer arrived just moments later. The kitten’s cries echoed throughout the hole as Loop crouched down. He stuck his arm into the hole and, within minutes, pulled out an adorable tuxedo kitten.

“You’re safe, honey,” Loop said to the kitten, “You’re safe now.”

You can watch footage of the rescue here:

Loop took the four kittens back to his rescue center and promptly served them heaping bowls of wet food. The babies lapped vigorously away at their delicious meal as their loving rescuer prepared a bath for them.


After dinner, Loop gently bathed the kittens one by one. He lathered them in shampoo, showered them with praise and washed away the remnants of their past. He carefully blow-dried each of the babies before placing them together in a warm, cozy bed.

Exhausted from a long day of rescue, the kittens piled on top of each other and settled in for some much-needed rest.


Within 12 hours, the kittens’ lives changed completely. Instead of spending the night in a box, left to fend for themselves outside, the kittens were safe, clean and fed. And they couldn’t have been happier.

The kittens have continued to grow and thrive in Loop’s care, though they are all hoping to find forever homes soon. Until then, they’ll continue to enjoy their new lives as house cats with consistently full bellies and endless cuddle sessions.

You can inquire about adopting the kittens here.

To help pets like this litter of kittens get the care they need, you can donate to Sierra Pacific Furbabies here.