Driver Hears Cry For Help After Turning Off Car — Then Realizes It’s Coming From The Engine

“Everyone was shocked that he was alive” 😱

The other day, Mary Wolford’s family went for a long drive from one of their homes to the other. The ride was just like any other, with no unusual sights or sounds — until they arrived at their destination.

When engine cut out, the family heard a strange cry echo from inside the car. They quickly got out and opened the hood to reveal a tiny, fluffy face staring back at them.

Mary Wolford

Wedged underneath the engine was a little kitten who’d seemingly ridden the whole way with them. The family couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Everyone was shocked that he was alive,” Mary Wolford told The Dodo. “He rode probably 20 or 30 miles in there.”

They could only see his head, so they were unsure how injured he was, if at all. But they knew they needed to get him out as quickly as possible.

Mary Wolford

The kitten, later named Raccoon, cried out as Wolford’s family reached down to grab him.

They were able to successfully remove him from their car, but their feeling of relief quickly vanished when he jumped out of their arms and made a daring escape.

“When we got to him under the first car, he ran off and went into another!” Wolford said. “Thankfully, that time he was somewhat easy to reach from under the hood as opposed to under the car/engine.”

Wolford’s family extracted Raccoon from his second car hideout and held him even closer. They knew instantly that he belonged with them.

Mary Wolford

Soon, they found a crate to put him in and brought the little guy into his new home. Raccoon was unsure of his surroundings at first.

“He was scared, hissing and trying to hide in the corner of the carrier when we got him,” Wolford said. “He was pretty wary of everything for the first several days. We think he was a stray, so while not fully feral, he was pretty apprehensive.”

Mary Wolford

As defensive as Raccoon got, Wolford and her family were determined to make him feel safe and loved.

Before long, Raccoon started opening up to his family. Now, his place in Wolford’s home is solidified, and they can hardly remember what life was like without him.

“He is doing great,” Wolford said. “It took some time for everyone to get acquainted, but overall, he’s getting along with everyone.”

Mary Wolford

Even Wolford’s dogs have been happy to have Raccoon around — although the kitten doesn’t exactly feel the same way yet.

“The only hurdle now is the dogs … he has yet to give them a chance,” Wolford said. “It’s kind of funny to see him fluff up and hiss at my Great Dane, who just wonders what his problem is.”

Mary Wolford

Still, Raccoon’s doing better than ever.

When he initially climbed into Wolford’s family’s car, Raccoon was in search of a temporary home. Now, he’s got one forever.