Donkeys All Come Running When They Hear Their Favorite Person Calling

They're so happy 😍

The dozens of adorable donkeys who live at this sanctuary in England sure know a good thing when they hear one.

Recently, The Donkey Sanctuary shared adorable footage from their Wood’s Farm property. In it, the sanctuary’s 139 donkey residents are seen enjoying a sunny day out in the fields when, from afar, their favorite person starts calling them in.

And they got very excited.

In an instant, the donkeys all come running, eagerly approaching as one happy herd:

This cheery scene of happy donkeys is made all the more poignant given that all are rescues, saved by sanctuary volunteers from lives of abuse and neglect.

Seeing their joyful faces makes it all worthwhile — as Elisabeth Svendsen, founder of The Donkey Sanctuary puts it:

"As long as there are donkeys in need, then our sanctuary will be there to help them."