Donkey Cries Out With Joy When He Sees His Favorite Person

Cutest happy noises 🤗

This is Dominic, a sweet little donkey who loves nothing more than spending time with his best friend in the world.

He may not be able to put that into words — but he can certainly show it.

Sophie Hodgson

Dominic, who was rescued as a baby, now lives on a family farm with Sophie Hodgson. There, he gets plenty of love and attention, something he simply can’t get enough of.

“He’s my best friend,” Hodgson told The Dodo. “We always spend time cuddling and wrestling, which is his favorite thing."

Recently, however, Hodgson spent about a week away for work — and Dominic clearly missed her so much.

Upon returning to the farm, and calling out her donkey's name, Hodgson received the cutest greeting.

Dominic cried out with joy and then came running:

The gleeful donkey wasn't alone in his joy: "I’m always just as excited to see him as he is me," Hodgson said.

That touching scene, though brief, still speaks volumes about the love animals like him carry around in their hearts.

"He really shows how much animals can show compassion and soul and that every life is worth saving," Hodgson said.