Little Dog Not Afraid To Let Wife Know That Husband Belongs To Her

"Sorry, Mom, he is my man."

This little dog named Bristol has plenty of love to give, but pretty much all of it goes to one person only — her dad, Nathan McNeese.

You might say little Bristol has claimed him as her own. And she's not afraid to let it be known.

Especially to McNeese's wife, Alicia.

Alicia Lee McNeese

Bristol has been the McNeeses' pet since she was a puppy, though she apparently considers her place within the family a bit differently. In the little dog's mind, it's all about her and Nathan.

"Her go-to person is my husband," Alicia told The Dodo. "The bond that they have is incredible."

Bristol loves Nathan — and she's not eager to share him.

Alicia Lee McNeese

To let Alicia know that she's not interested in sharing Nathan's affection, Bristol has developed a distinct look aimed just for her. The message comes through loud and clear.

"'Sorry, Mom, he is my man,'" Alicia said.

Alicia Lee McNeese

This unspoken competition for Nathan's love plays out in a number of ways — like this scene from a recent road trip. Bristol evidently wasn't pleased that Alicia was sitting shotgun.

"At first, my head was resting on my husband’s shoulder," Alicia said. "When I lifted my head she replaced it with hers."

Here's that moment on video:

If anyone's going to be resting their head on Nathan, it's going to be Bristol.

"I think she was thinking, 'He's my human. Move on over, Mom,'” Alicia said.


Alicia Lee McNeese

To Alicia's credit, she's not too upset by Bristol having claimed her husband as her own. After all, she loves Bristol to pieces, too.

"She is sweet," Alicia said, adding: "When she wants to be."

Alicia Lee McNeese

Nathan, meanwhile, is actually quite aware of the little competition for his love going on at home. In fact, it sounds like he wouldn't have it any other way.

"My husband soaks it up," Alicia said.