Dogs Trapped In Icy Pond Refuse To Leave One Another's Side

They were desperate for someone to save them.

Early on Sunday morning, dispatchers from the Fort Wayne Police Department in Texas got a call from a concerned resident. In the icy waters of a pond in a local park, the caller had seen “something black” — and heard the sound of barking.

It was a cry for help.

Fort Wayne Police Department

Following the report, Officer Trent Hullinger raced to the scene. There, he saw not one dark figure, but two.

"[He] located two black labs that had fallen through the ice in the northeast part of the reservoir,” the police department wrote. “Both dogs appeared to be unable to get themselves out of the water as their heads and front paws were clinging to the concrete edging surrounding the water.”

They’d refused to leave one another’s side.

Fort Wayne Police Department

Footage from Hullinger’s body camera captured what happened next, as the two exhausted dogs were lifted out to safety.

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It isn’t known how the dogs came to find themselves in that perilous spot, or for how long. But fortunately, they were discovered in time to be saved.

“We are happy the officer was able to rescue them before their health declined,” a spokesperson for Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control told The Dodo.

Fort Wayne Police Department

With no owner in sight, the dogs were then transported to city’s animal shelter to recover from their ordeal.

“They are doing well and thankfully in great health,” the spokesperson said.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

The dogs are currently awaiting an owner to come forward to claim them. If no one does come forward, the pair will be made available for adoption.

For more information, visit Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control's website here.