Dogs Team Up To Save Owner After He Collapses On Mountain Trail

They knew just what to do.

The other day, a 71-year-old man and his two dogs headed out for a walk on a mountain trail in Cumbria, England. The pups, no doubt, were eager and excited to be outside exploring — but then the unthinkable happened.

And in an instant, they knew just what to do.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team

Shortly after passing another hiker going the other way on the trail, the dogs’ owner was struck with a medical emergency. He was having a seizure and soon lost consciousness.

There wasn’t another person around to see it. But the man was far from alone. His pups, realizing his distress, sprang into action.

“Incredibly one of his dogs, a black Labrador, ran after the passing walker, barking to get her attention and tried to get her to return, which she duly did,” the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team wrote. “She found the other dog, a golden retriever, lying by the unconscious man.”

The hiker had a phone and was able to call for help. But it was the man’s two dogs who’d saved the day.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team

Before long, rescuers arrived to help the man, who had regained consciousness. Fortunately, by then, the man was well enough to walk the trail with assistance to an awaiting ambulance.

“I was pretty amazed when the story unfolded during the rescue,” a spokesperson for the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team told The Dodo. “You occasionally hear about this sort of thing, but never expect to hear it firsthand.”

It appeared that the man would be OK — thanks in no small part to the heroic actions of his loyal dogs, one who stayed by his side during his distress, and the other who sought out help.