Dogs Spend A Week On Train Tracks Waiting For Their People To Come Back

“They were so loyal.”

When a Good Samaritan called Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, and told her that he'd seen two dogs being dumped out of a car near some train tracks, Hall was heartbroken but not surprised by their story.

“It happens all the time, unfortunately,” Hall told The Dodo.

two dogs on train tracks at sunset
Suzette Hall

The shock wouldn’t come until she got close enough to see that the two dogs were Poodle-mixes and had clearly been used for breeding by the person who’d abandoned them.

Hall could tell that the pups had at least one human they’d bonded with because they’d stayed in the exact same spot for a week.

“They would just sit there,” Hall said. “[Abandoned dogs] always think the person who threw them away is coming back. They’re so loyal.”

Suzette Hall

The rescue effort proved difficult — and it didn’t help that the dogs were in such an industrial area.

“They kept hiding under the buses and running up and down the train tracks,” Hall said.

Suzette Hall

The devoted rescuer would not give up on the dogs, though, so she and a group of helpers stayed out there for hours until they'd successfully trapped them.

Watch the moment after the rescuers finally trapped the dogs here:

Because they’d been found together, Hall assumed that the two dogs, who she later called Major and Divine, were bonded. But as soon as they got to the vet, it was clear to Hall and the clinic’s staff that they weren’t.

“They wanted nothing to do with each other,” Hall said.

brown poodle mix standing in a parking lot
Suzette Hall

Hall explained that a lot of times, some dogs will bond while they’re together for survival, then not need each other afterward. “Usually it’s because they’re related," Hall said. "So it’s like real brothers and sisters."

Divine and Major were adopted into two different families directly from the vet clinic after they’d made a full recovery.

brown poodle sitting on a round grey bed looking at the camera with tongue out
Suzette Hall

Even though they are in different homes, Major and Divine’s new lives are not so different from each other. For one, both pups have one sibling each, and they both got to keep their names.

Most importantly, though, “They’re thriving,” Hall said. “They both got the most amazing homes ever.”

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