Dogs Sneak Out To Dollar Store To Shop For Toys Without Telling Mom

“Everyone was laughing and said Johnny was bringing up toys to customers" 😂

Gabriela Carpenter was at her boyfriend’s house and had brought her dog, Johnny, along with her. She put him in the backyard to play with her boyfriend’s dog, Charlie, and went back inside. She was only gone for five minutes, but when she came back, both dogs were gone.

cute dogs
Gabriela Carpenter

Carpenter realized the dogs must have jumped the fence, so she ran into a nearby field to look for them. She had no idea how she was going to find them and was at a bit of a loss when, out of nowhere, someone showed up to help.

“I was out in the pasture looking to see if they were chasing cattle,” Carpenter told The Dodo. “I spent about 10 minutes looking when a car pulled in the driveway. A random lady [who] was shopping with her young child saw Johnny and Charlie come in and go straight to [the] dog toy aisle! She said her son asked to take them home, and she said, 'No, these dogs are obviously spoiled and belong to someone!’”

Somehow, Johnny and Charlie had found their way to the local dollar store and decided to shop for dog toys. Relieved that they’d been found, Carpenter hopped into the woman’s car and headed straight to the store to interrupt the dogs’ adventure.

When they got there, the dogs’ were still in the dog toy aisle, shopping away, and all of the store employees were very amused by the whole thing.

dog and his toy
Gabriela Carpenter

“I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't help but laugh at how ornery and funny the situation was,” Carpenter said. “Everyone was laughing and said Johnny was bringing up toys to customers (he is obsessed with playing fetch).”

The dogs, on the other hand, didn’t seem even remotely embarrassed or regretful. They were having the best time and were only bummed that mom finally showed up and made them leave.

dog in car
Gabriela Carpenter

Now, the dogs’ parents will definitely be watching them closely whenever they’re out in the yard — just in case they try to hop the fence again and go shopping for more toys.