Woman Tells Dog He’s Going To The Vet And His Reaction Is Priceless

“He’s always been a very chatty dog.”

Going to the vet wasn’t on Diesel the dog’s to-do list. But when his mom said he needed vaccinations, the rescue let her know his true feelings.

Allie Piro didn’t intend to ruin Diesel’s day, but a trip to the veterinarian was necessary. The Alaskan malamute started talking back as soon as plans were announced, even shaking his head and stomping his paws to further prove his point.

Dog smiles for the camera
Allie Piro

Once the rescue arrived at the vet, all was calm.

“He’s actually very good at the vet!” Piro told The Dodo. “He is definitely nervous, and gets very quiet, but he does very well.”

Piro noted that despite Diesel’s protests, he’s good for the veterinarian.

“He doesn’t sass the vet or anything like that,” Piro said. “He lets them do what they need to do and then is ready to go home!”

You can watch Diesel’s priceless reaction here:

For being a good boy, Piro always makes a pit stop on the way home from an appointment.

“He likes to stop by the pet store and pick out a treat after,” Piro said. “It’s like a little reward.”

This was not the first time Diesel has made his opinion known. Piro said he hates bath time, too.“He sasses everyone the entire time!”

Dog poses for the camera
Allie Piro

Over the years, Diesel — who’s been with Piro since she was 16 — has become more talkative as he’s gotten older.

“He’s always been a very chatty dog,” Piro said. “From as early as I can remember, he was always chatting to everyone we passed on our walks.”

The gentle giant welcomes everyone into Piro’s house and even talks to people passing by.

“He’s brought so much joy,” Piro said. “His personality shows every single day and always cheers you up no matter how hard of a day you’re having.”

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