Dogs Have The Best Reactions To Hearing Their Names Called At Doggy Day Care

"They are all so excited" 😍

What’s in a name? A big, happy smile and wagging tail, that’s what. Just ask these adorable dogs.

In a wonderfully sweet set of videos shared by Dogtown, a canine day care center in Virginia, various pups are filmed doing one thing, and one thing only: responding to their names being called.

Though the premise sounds quite simple, the dogs’ reactions are nothing short of delightful.

"They are all so excited," Dogtown wrote.

Clearly, these pups love getting attention.

"Watching them react to their name being called always feels rewarding," a spokesperson for Dogtown told The Dodo. "[We] love knowing each dog and having a connection to them."

And now, on to part two:

Despite being in a place filled with friendly barking and surrounded by other pups, each dog seems to easily distinguish that it's their own name being called — and that good things await when they respond.

But even just seeing it is like a small slice of heaven.

"We love working with dogs!" the spokesperson said. "Dogtown is a second home for our dog customers. We aim for it to feel that way."