Dogs Help Dad And Baby Sister Recreate Iconic Scene From 'Lion King'

They nailed it 😂

Meet Kenai and Kono — two sweet pups whose family recently grew by one.

And they helped their parents mark the occasion in the most adorable way.

Kenai and Kono live in Florida with their owners, Mandi and Jeremy Johnson. The Johnsons are professional dog trainers, so their pups are always front and center. But now there’s a new member of the pack.

The Johnsons’ baby girl, Malia.

To announce Malia's arrival, Jeremy thought it would be fun to recreate an iconic scene from the film “The Lion King” — with Kenai and Kono playing the parts of her animal admirers.

And, well, they nailed it.

“The ‘Lion King’ recreation is something we always wanted to try once we had a kiddo, so this was our chance!” Jeremy told The Dodo. “And the dogs are always great sports so it worked out great!”

Malia's in good hands.

The Johnsons look forward to creating many more fun and playful memories with Kenai, Kono and Malia in the years to come. Their daughter wouldn't have it any other way.

"She already loves them so much!" Jeremy said.