Corgi Steals Leftovers With Help From His Brothers

"The two border collies were probably hoping he would share, but he didn’t.”

Hugo the corgi may have short legs, but that’s never stopped him from doing whatever he wants to do. 

And it helps that he has two border collie brothers who can always give him a boost.

Hugo the corgi sits on his border collie brother

“The border collies are used to him jumping up on their backs, so they don’t mind,” Line Froystad, Hugo’s mom, told The Dodo. “He’s been doing it since he was a little puppy.”

Hugo looks up to his big brothers, copying everything they do — from running fast to jumping high and stealing food from the counter.

But these things aren’t easy for the short-legged dog, which is why Froystad was particularly impressed by Hugo’s problem-solving after dinner one recent night.

Corgi tries to steal food from the counter

Froystad had forgotten a plate of leftovers on top of the stove, and Hugo couldn’t resist trying to sneak a taste — with help from his brothers, of course.

“After dinner, I noticed the corgi was jumping on the backs of the border collies to reach the food,” Froystad said. “I was standing looking at them and thought it was so sweet. So I gave him a little help and he was so happy.”


Froystad ran to grab her camera so she could capture Hugo in action, and he did not disappoint.

“The moment he got up he attacked the food,” Froystad said. “The two border collies were probably hoping he would share, but he didn’t.”

Froystad is proud of her brave corgi, who loves to “hunt” and chase his brothers …

… and jump on their back when they go swimming.


Hugo may be young, but he's clearly the leader of the pack — and he’s brought so much joy to Froystad’s family.

“He’s a very funny dog,” Froystad said. “We laugh at him all the time.”

To learn more about the adventures of Hugo and his brothers, you can follow him on Instagram.