Dog's Adorable Hats Help Her Feel More Confident About Who She Is

“The bump is the perfect hat holder” 😂❤️️

When Strawberry was pulled from a shelter by The Labelle Foundation, she was an absolute mess.

“Her body was covered in mange — she was covered in scabs, and her skin was bright red all over her body,” Kristen Kuhlman, Strawberry’s mom, told The Dodo. “We don’t know how she ended up at the shelter, but she was clearly very neglected and wouldn’t have survived without help. Several wonderful people helped foster her and transported her to medical appointments while she healed.”

In addition to all of her injuries, there was something else noteworthy about Strawberry — she had a huge bump protruding from her head.

“We don’t know the story of what caused the bump — it is bone and scar tissue,” Kuhlman said. “When the foundation pulled her out of the shelter, the bump was biopsied and examined. Vets determined that it wasn’t a tumor and that removing it would be more dangerous to Strawberry than just leaving it.”

Once Strawberry was all healed, she was looking for a family who would accept her for exactly who she is, bump and all. Luckily, it didn’t take long for her to find her perfect match.

“I first saw her picture on The Labelle Foundation’s Instagram page,” Kuhlman said. “My heart just broke for her. She really was a mess physically, but she has the most gentle eyes, which seemed to be asking for help. She definitely tugged at our heartstrings. Our old dog of 15 years had passed away a few months before. Our house and our hearts felt empty. We knew we wanted to adopt another dog, so I started looking at adoptable pups online. We decided to adopt her after our first meet and greet, where her sweet personality won us over. She gave my son the biggest hug.”

pittie rescue
Kristen Kuhlman

As Strawberry adjusted to life in her new home, there was one tradition that her foster family started that her family knew they wanted to continue, and that was having Strawberry wear little hats on top of her bump.

pittie rescue
Kristen Kuhlman

Strawberry doesn’t seem to have any idea that there’s a huge bump on her head. She thinks she’s just like every other dog and that modeling hats is just a fun thing she gets to do. She seems to enjoy having them on, and everyone around her certainly enjoys seeing her wear them. If anyone were to ever say anything negative about her bump, though, the hats would certainly make them think twice.

“The bump is the perfect hat holder,” Kuhlman said.

rescue pittie
Kristen Kuhlman

Strawberry may be a little different, but that’s what makes her special. After all, without her bump, she wouldn’t be a hat model.

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