Dog’s Hilarious Haircut Isn’t What Mom Expected

“Henry does not like to sit still, so they have to take what they can get.”

When Julie and Daniel Parker took their dog Henry to the groomer, they hoped he’d return with a fresh new ‘do. But the haircut didn’t go as planned.

Dog poses for a photo
Julie Parker

“When it was time to pick him up, we noticed he wasn't trimmed,” Julie Parker told The Dodo. “The staff let us know he was not a fan of grooming.”

Henry gave the stylists such a hard time, that they bathed him and called it a day.

“It wasn't said out loud but heavily implied by their looks that they would prefer it if they didn't have to deal with him again,” Julie’s cousin Jenae Townsend told The Dodo, adding that Daniel now cuts Henry’s hair.

“[I’m] not saying we have perfected his grooming, but at least we get some fascinating looks ,” Townsend said.

Dog shows off his new haircut
Julie Parker

Townsend posted an “after” photo of Henry’s latest mohawk trim on Facebook with her cousins’ permission. She noted that the 4-year-old Springerdoodle — named after Indiana Jones — has had multiple hair fails in the past.

“Epic fails is more like it,” Parker said. “Henry does not like to sit still, so they have to take what they can get when trying to groom him.”

Dog sits for the camera
Julie Parker

Haircut aside, the adventurous pup “considers himself the neighborhood greeter,” Parker said, adding that everyone knows his name. “He likes to scamper about and meet all the other neighborhood dogs,” and also “loves to give hugs.”

Henry may not love sitting still for a haircut, but his mohawk has made him a local celebrity.

“He does this stare and it is hilarious because he looks like he is judging you,” Parker said. “In reality, [Henry] is probably wondering when he will get his next snack.”

To follow Henry's hair journey, check him out on Instagram.