Dog's Fall Photo Shoot Does Not Turn Out As Planned

“His personality really came through in the photos.”

Meet Max — a goofy pup who can’t seem to take a bad photo.

The only thing the Cane Corso/American bulldog mix loves more than ripping up his toys, is going for long walks. So when his walker Tess Amanda arrives to take him out in the afternoon, the pup can hardly control his excitement.

Dog does hilarious Fall photo shoot
Tess Amanda

“He has so much energy, and he's curious about everything,” Amanda told The Dodo. “He loves our walks and sometimes gets so happy that he'll randomly turn around and start jumping all over me in the middle of the walk.”

Recently, Amanda was out with Max on a beautiful fall day when she noticed the pup trying to catch some leaves in midair. As a little gift to Max’s owner, she decided to do a photo shoot with the pup.

Tess Amanda

“I just tried throwing [the leaves] up to see what he would do and he loved it,” Amanda said. “My boyfriend is a photographer and he does stuff like that so I thought I'd try an amateur version.”

Max could tell Amanda wanted him to catch the leaves …

Tess Amanda

… and he refused to back down from the challenge.

Tess Amanda

Max wasn’t completely successful, but his attempts made for some adorably silly photos.

Tess Amanda

When Amanda looked back at the photo shoot, she couldn’t help but laugh. “I expected maybe a couple good ones of him trying to catch the leaves, but I did not expect so many of them to be so hilarious,” Amanda said. “His personality really came through in the photos.”

“I probably took about 100 and I just laughed the entire way through when I was trying to pick out the ones to share,” she added.

Tess Amanda

Max is now Amanda's muse — and the photogenic dog is always happy to pose for a picture if it means a longer walk.