Dog's Best Friend In The Whole World Is A Slice Of Baguette

He won't go anywhere without it ❤️

Jimmy is a pup with lots to excite him. He lives in a house full of amusing toys. He has a dog brother named Bear, who he can play with anytime. His mom, Christine Winfree, takes him on fun car rides and lets him chase leaves in the park.

And yet, out of all the many pleasures in his charmed life, there’s one thing that Jimmy covets most dearly, one thing that he would do anything for. This precious object of his devotion is, well, a hunk of stale baguette.

dog with bread
Christine Winfree

When Winfree first offered Jimmy and Bear a piece of days-old baguette, she didn’t think much of it. She assumed the dogs might gnaw on it for a bit and then go about their business. Little did she know she’d found Jimmy’s new best friend.

“Jimmy waited until Bear wasn’t looking and stole his piece,” Winfree told The Dodo. “Jimmy proceeded carrying it around the house because he didn’t want Bear to take it back.”

For Jimmy, this was more than an old food scrap ready for the compost pile — this was his destiny.

“He brought that piece of baguette everywhere he went,” Winfree said. “He carried it around the house, he slept with it, he brought it outside. He would bury it then dig it up. It was black with dirt, but he didn’t care.”

dog sleeping in bed
Christine Winfree

As Jimmy got closer to his baguette and his baguette got closer to being mush, Winfree feared she may have to separate her dog from his beloved bread.

“As the days passed, I was really torn whether I should take it away or not,” Winfree said. “It was slimy, gross and disintegrating. He finally gave in and ate one piece but then kept the other piece around for three days. I think it finally melted into his dog bed.”

Though the original baguette has been lost, Jimmy’s bread infatuation remains stronger than ever.

“Jimmy’s favorite thing is still baguettes,” Winfree said. “He gets so excited when he sees them.”

dog smiling at camera
Christine Winfree

Winfree can’t imagine life without her quirky dog, who never fails to make her laugh and never fails to beg for bread.

“Jimmy is like having a nonstop comedy show available,” Winfree said. “Everyone needs a Jimmy to brighten their day!”