Dog Won't Stop Smiling After He Gets A Chair That Matches His Mom's

“Needless to say, he’s very pleased.”

Usually, Lindsay Dyer loves cuddling with her dog, a dachshund mix named Franklin. But the rescue pup can be a bit clingy — especially when it’s time for Dyer to work.

“He’s a super chill boy,” Dyer told The Dodo. “As long as he can be with his people or his cat brother, Bagheera.” 

Dog steals mom's armchair
Lindsay Dyer

Dyer likes doing her work from a gray wingback armchair, but Franklin sees his mom sitting in the comfy chair as an invitation for cuddles. That arrangement wasn’t working for Dyer — and then the perfect solution presented itself.

“When the pandemic started, I went full-time remote and spent a lot of time in my chair trying to type with a dog on my lap,” Dyer said. “I saw that IKEA had a matching child chair. I was hoping that getting him his own chair would make him stop stealing mine and went to get it the first day IKEA opened back up.”

“The decision to get him his own chair was an entirely selfish one,” she added.

Dog gets a tiny armchair
Lindsay Dyer

When Dyer brought the tiny matching chair home, she placed Franklin’s favorite stuffed toy on it and he immediately realized what that meant. The look on Franklin’s face was priceless.

“Needless to say, he’s very pleased,” Dyer said. “It’s his favorite spot in my office.”

However, Franklin’s cat brother also likes the tiny chair and has decided it’s his special place, too. Luckily, Franklin is very generous when it comes to making room for Bagheera.

Lindsay Dyer

They are best friends and sometimes enemies,” Dyer said. They share the chair — much to Bag’s disgruntlement. But they constantly cuddle on the chair or any bed they can find and don’t like to sleep without the other.”

Lindsay Dyer

It seems no matter what chair Franklin sits in, he’ll always have to share. And when Franklin decides to steal his mom's chair again, Bagheera gets his.