Dog Sees Her Parents Sword Fighting And Demands To Play, Too

“[She] started chasing me down while waving the stick around like it was her own sword."

Pinto Bean’s parents have been making TikTok videos since 2020, and one of the things they love to incorporate into their videos is stage combat. As a result, Pinto Bean has been watching them pretend-fight with fake swords for pretty much her whole life, and one day, she decided she wanted to get involved.

sword dog
Anna Kimbro

The couple was out in a field filming a new video when Pinto Bean noticed a very large stick laying nearby, and she quickly seized the opportunity.

“She picked up the stick and started chasing me down while waving the stick around like it was her own sword,” Anna Kimbro, Pinto Bean’s mom, told The Dodo. “I pretended to ‘block’ her blows with my sword, and she was having a blast trying to dodge and attack. Finally, I let her ‘slay’ me and dramatically fell to the ground after she tapped me with her stick.”

Anna Kimbro

Kimbro dropped her sword as she fell — and Pinto Bean quickly decided to claim it as her prize.

“Pinto immediately dropped her stick to pick up the sword and run off with it like she had just looted my dead body,” Kimbro said. “She'd learned how to do all of that just by watching us, so we started giving her the sword she'd stolen from me to use as her own, and the rest is history.”

Anna Kimbro

Since Pinto Bean won that sword in battle, the foam prop is now exclusively hers. She also has a little fake dagger that she likes to use. Whenever she sees either of those, she knows it’s time to fight. Ever since the first day that Pinto Bean got involved, she joins her parents every single time they do any kind of stage combat, and she loves every minute of it.

Sword Dog
Anna Kimbro

Pinto Bean is now a professional swordfighter. Playing with her swords is part of her routine, and she definitely seems to assume this is something all dogs do with their humans.

Anna Kimbro

“We play with her sword usually about once or twice a week,” Kimbro said. “We don't always film it for TikTok or Instagram, but she loves getting exercise that way, so we try to do it pretty often. Even if we don't get her sword out, she'll grab a stick and try to ‘fight’ with it almost every day. She's even tried to ‘fight’ my parents' dog, Luna, (her best friend) with a stick a couple of times, and she seemed pretty surprised that Luna was running from her like, ‘Ahhh, what are you doing?’ and didn't grab a stick to fight back.”

Anna Kimbro

It’s definitely unusual for a dog’s favorite hobby to be stage combat, but for Pinto Bean, it just works.

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