Dog Watches Neighbor Couple Become A Family Before Her Eyes

Tubs has seen their relationship blossom ❤️

It's no secret that dogs bring joy to the lives of their owners like few other things ever can — but the love and affection of a good pup isn't always limited to their families alone.

Just ask this friendly dog named Tubs.

Tubs lives in Australia, where she spends much of her day happily in the front yard. That, of course, is where the actions is. As people pass by on the sidewalk just beyond the fence, little Tubs runs to greet them — a tradition she's grown to love.

Among those regular visitors is a young neighbor couple who always stops to pet Tubs over the fence while out on their walks.

And it's from that vantage point that the friendly dog has quite literally seen their relationship blossom:

The video montage above shows how Tubs has been an adorable fixture in the lives of people who might otherwise be strangers — even as their own family grows.

And, with any luck, Tubs will be there to receive a pat from the little hands of the next generation, too.

Clearly, she just can't wait.